Top 6 Bedroom Colour Schemes that are Perfect for Autumn

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Bedroom Colour Schemes for Autumn

Autumn’s here and along with the changes in season are the burst of beautiful colours that greet your eyes. Do you love the brilliant reds, yellows, oranges, and browns?

Why not wake up to the shades of autumn by using them as your bedroom colour schemes!

The season’s hues often appear side by side with nature and it’s great to know that you can apply it in your very own private sanctuary. Feel the lovely weather by using the shades that create an autumn-inspired bedroom and perfectly match this year’s design trends.

Don’t know where to start? This article presents the bedroom colour schemes that you should rock this autumn!

Bedroom Colour Schemes for Autumn

Autumn brings vibrant colours that can affect your mood. With the range of shades that represent the season, you will find several bedroom colour schemes to change the look and ambience of your room.


For autumn, natural and relaxing colours are in and these are shades that should dictate your choices on bedroom decors and furniture. Cream and taupe are examples of the autumn colours that can bring a fresh take on your bedroom design ideas.


If you are after a neutral shade, brown is your go-to choice. It is perfect for the season and can be used with other shades to achieve varying effects. When used with grey, it can create a crisp look. If you want a cosy effect, you can use it with yellow.

Golden Yellow

Oftentimes, autumn is associated with the golden yellow colour of maple leaves that connote comfort, warmth and welcome. Wrap your room in this colour to feel warmth and comfort. Use complementary hues, along with rich textures and wood tones for a total makeover.


Another neutral shade that is sure to take centre stage this autumn, especially when it comes to choosing the best bedroom colour schemes is grey. It has a neutral feel that delivers amazing results, especially when layered with warm accents.


Create a soothing aesthetic for your bedroom that will remind you of the deep blue skies. Blue is one of the most popular colours used in designing a room. It can be used as a solid motif, but it can also be paired with white in order to enable the feel of the transitioning weather. This combination is a translation of the cool season of autumn and the coming breezy months of summer.


Another exciting hue that will change the feel of your bedroom this autumn is red. With its warmth, it can make a room feel comfortable and cosy and will even remind you of apple orchards. Incorporate it into your design or even with your bedroom furniture. You’ll be pleased with the aesthetics that it can bring, even if you will just use it in trimmings.

Tips to Use Autumn Colours in Your Bedroom

Knowing the bedroom colour schemes that you can use this autumn is just the initial step. Below, you will find some tips to know how you can use those hues to create a bedroom that is beautiful and comes with a cosy and welcoming vibe.

#1. Start with the Bed

If you are having a hard time starting your bedroom colour scheme, you can find an easy route by arranging your bed initially. Modern beds create awesome aesthetics, but adding a pillow or bedspread in the bedroom colour scheme that you want is an easy start to set up your space. While beddings usually come in sets, don’t be afraid to mix and match to achieve the results you want.

#2. Repetition is Key

Using the vibrant colours of autumn in a neutral room may sound odd, but there is a technique to make sure that it will deliver awesome results. In this case, repetition is key. Strategically add accents of autumn colours like red to keep the eye active and moving around the space.

#3. Create Joint Design

Create a solid design by sprinkling autumn-inspired hues all throughout. This is an effective strategy to incorporate the season’s bedroom colour schemes to your bedroom’s original design. Add accents of autumn colours to typical bedroom furniture including a chest of drawers, chairs and tables to achieve an open floor plan that is connected.

Are you ready to change your bedroom design based on this season’s bedroom colour schemes? Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips to achieve exceptional results!

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