The Top 5 Modern Beds For Men

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Two Tone Slumber Black Bed

If you are on a hunt for a bed that reciprocates you as a persona, then you have come across the best options available, Aura.

We believe that your bed needs to be as masculine as ever and that it should be able to pick up to the tune of yours. You are the boss at work as well as at home; you want your home to reflect the personality you bear and you want your furniture to do the same. Your bedroom is the ultimate place at home that recons you of relaxation and comfort. You reach home after having a load of work done at the workplace; you want no part of that role attached when you reach home.

Aura offers you five ultimate bed options for your bedroom that turn your attention towards them. These are the beds that have for you in store much of relaxation, ease and excitement while you are in the lap of one. You will feel accomplished to have one of such in your desired bedroom.

Dominator Bed by Aura:

Dominator Bed

The Dominator bed has all that you need for your modern sophisticated bedroom. Your living standard will reach another level by having this beautifully constructed bed that has chrome finishing to it. The bed can be adjusted to the décor of your bedroom and it adds to the sophistication of your apartment bedroom. The bed comes in Black and White color and can be customized with whatever palette you have on mind. The bed is perfect for your bedroom where you get to play the role of your imagination and you are the dominator of your role. The bed comes in King and Queen size. The bed has its headboard, side and footboard and bed slat in size that varies according to the King and Queen version. This bed is a unique design to have in your small or medium sized bedroom.

Bachelor Bed by Aura:

Bachelor Bed

The idea of Bachelor and Bachelorette spices up the mind with an air of liberty, carefree and daring attitude. If you are the one with similar mindset even when in the bed, trust me, this is the perfect bed that you have hit upon. Bachelor bed by aura is a unique bed coming from its Golden Collection that is one of the most sought after beds by Aura. The essence of bachelorhood is always exciting and adds to the liberty of your life be it single or married, regardless of your relationship status, this bed can be the best pair for your bedroom reminiscing the era of bachelorhood and incorporating the same in your current relationship. The bed comes in the classic Black and White color and the shapes are available according to the size of your bedroom, small medium or large.

Maserati Bed by Aura:

Maserati Bed

The Italian design inspired bed, Maserati has won the heart of the sophisticated men in the city for its unique design and structure. The bed depicts a bold and dare essence through its disc appearance and unique look. The bed resemblances the best of the Italian design in terms of bed and its appeal is undeniably bold. The bed is available in black and white color and can be customized according to your choice.

The Square Richard Brans Bed by Aura:

Square Richard Brans King Bed

The Square Richard Brans bed is one of a kind of bed that is available at Aura. This bed is breathtakingly beautiful for its amazing structure and engineering. The bed is crafted in a way that depicts contemporary in the form of furniture. The LED light that lightens the floor beneath the bed is the beauty of having the Square Richard Brans bed in your desired bedroom. The bed is accompanied by a side table that is attached to the bed making it even more useful and worthy of having. The color option for the bed is of black and white. You can have designer mattress for your Square Richard Brans bed that is also available at aura. The sleek and raised structure of this bed arouses your hidden desire and excites your nightlife.  

Kaptivate Bed by Aura:

Kaptivate Bed

The Kaptivate bed by Aura has got for you the best of the designs and comfort in store. The bed offers you comfort and ease with the smooth finishing like millpond. You will ask for more time to spend with your Kaptivate bed once you have one in your beloved bedroom. This bed makes you fall asleep the moment you step on it. You reach home after a hectic day at the workplace and your sound sleep gets confirmed when had in a Kaptivate bed by Aura. The bed is available in the classic black and white shades. You can have them in whatever color you have on mind that too delivered in no more than 4 to 8 weeks max.

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