From Simple to Elegant Bedrooms: 12 Luxury Bedroom Ideas That You Must Know

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Luxury Bedroom Ideas

Think your bedroom is good enough? But before you answer, have you really taken a good look at its design, decor and overall feel?

Not paying enough attention to important details that can improve your bedroom isn’t the best idea especially if you’ve longed to relax in elegant bedrooms.

Your bedroom is an important sanctuary that can contribute to your peace of mind, relaxation and wellness. It’s just right to pay special attention to its improvement and add a luxury factor to your space.

If you’ve run out of ideas to turn simple to elegant bedrooms, below are some of the easy to follow tips that can transform your bedroom space into a luxury suite.

12 Luxury Bedroom Ideas that Will Transform Your Space

#1. Create a Luxurious Feel for Your Bedroom’s Entrance

One should never set aside the power of having a nice entrance–what more if you can create a look that is comparable to that of a hotel lobby?

Your bedroom’s entrance should be able to evoke an inviting feel the moment you spot it. Pay attention to what it lacks and make sure to remove the clutter that is getting in the way of a neat arrangement. Decorative furnishing and practical items like candles can help you achieve an elegant feel like that of a luxurious hotel.

#2. Make a Nice Suite with Elegant and Modern Beds

There is a difference between a base level room and a luxury suite. Make your bedroom stay more elegant by opting for modern beds that contribute to making the most luxurious bedrooms.

Looking to mix convenience with beauty and elegance? Why not add an armchair that matches your bed to your space! Not only will it make a nice furnishing, it will also be a comfortable spot for you to sit on while reading a book or enjoying some quiet time.

#3. Find the Right Bedhead

Creating the most luxurious bedrooms doesn’t end in finding the bed, especially if there is a range of bedheads that perfectly match your setup. A padded bedhead is a clever choice especially for the bookworms who just can’t stop reading even when already in bed

TIP: According to interior designer Karenza Jewell, the ideal standard height of a bedhead is 1450mm to 1600mm.

#4. Look for a Bedside Table that is the Right Size

Another bedroom must-have, a bedside table is a practical addition to your sleep sanctuary, not to mention that they are aesthetically pleasing.

Design experts reveal that to find the right bedside table, one has to make sure that it has the same height as the mattress, to make leaning less awkward and to create a neat look. Usually, ordinary bedside tables will do, but there are also choices that come with drawers for added storage and functionality.

#5. Choose Bed Linen Wisely

While the bed is the most important bedroom element, the one that influences the look and feel of your space is the bed linen. Certainly, it is important to choose one with colours and textures that match the ones used in your room. You can play safe by opting to keep it minimal while layering up with neutral hues. With a nice and comfortable linen, you’ll never really worry about not having a good night sleep!

NOTE: People with allergies should opt for bedding choices that are free from feather. One with a washable wool is a good alternative, not to mention that it helps in regulating heat.

#6. Stay Plush with Cushions and Pillows

Not yet contented with how your bed looks? Don’t miss on the cushions and pillows that spell luxury and comfort.

Use them the way luxury hotels do. Choose well-stuffed pillows and put two on each side of the bed, add two more European sized pillows and you can even opt for a lumbar style cushion for greater comfort.

#7. Find the Right Curtains that Suit You

Curtains for bedrooms come in various forms of window coverings, including the typical curtains, blinds, or shutters that can easily elevate any space. Just take the time to ensure that they are well-fitted by having them professionally made to size.

#8. Follow the Law of Symmetry

There are things that should come in pair because of the unquestionable look that they create. Moreover, according to the laws of Feng Shui, symmetry as that of having a pair of bedside tables, with a lamp on each side, plus two sets of pillow affect not just your bedroom design. Symmetry has a lot to do in attracting a good, healthy flow of energy that enhances or preserves a harmonious relationship.

#9. Create a Cosy Ambience with Good Lighting

What’s luxury without being able to fall easily into a long and uninterrupted sleep and if you are wondering ‘how that can be done?’, the secret is the comfort of an elegant bedroom design and cosy lighting.

Choose a good bedroom lighting that you can easily dim when needed especially when using bedside lamps. For added luxe, you can also invest in modern hanging lights that can also create a well-thought look while maximising your space.

#10. Breathe life

Adding greens and blooms is a breath of fresh air into your sanctuary. No, they’re not just for living rooms and dining areas as they can easily add life to any room–not to mention the fresh scent that they evoke.

TIP: Make sure that plants will be added in the corner of the bedroom that receives enough light. Choose indoor plants for the best impact.

#11. Make the Best Use of Tones

Colours affect mood and have a lot to do with the feeling of relaxation. In bedrooms, make sure to use the tones that can make you feel relaxed and give you the peace of mind that you need. Remember that luxurious bedrooms are not all about the aesthetics, but the quality experience that they can also give.

TIP: Blue, green and neutral tones are the most ideal colours to evoke calm.

#12. Bring the Comfort Down to Your Feet

How nice would it be if you can walk barefooted and feel the comfort of your room? A soft woven rug adds a layer of comfort and warmth to luxurious bedrooms and you will feel it the moment you get up from your bed.

Make every moment you spend in your sleep sanctuary very much worth it by turning simple into elegant bedrooms. Luxury isn’t limited to the corners of a hotel suite–especially with fun and brilliant ideas that guarantee to send you off to a great slumber!

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