Clever Tips to Transform a Guest Bedroom

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Guest Bedroom Tips

Expecting overnight guests but the spare bedroom in your home is not yet in tip-top shape? No worries. This article offers clever tips to transform the spare bedroom in your home into a five-star getaway.

Usually, guest bedrooms are not given enough attention the way other bedrooms are being tended to. This is the reason why in many instances, welcoming guests and making them feel at home even for a short period of time becomes a major dilemma–a concern that a lot of people can relate to.

But the good news is: you can convert a spare bedroom into a usable guest bedroom that can also offer luxury and comfort. Below are the tips that you must follow to become the most hospitable host to your visitors and make your guests feel right.

Tips to Transform Your Guest Bedroom

Keep it Fresh and Simple

This is a simple gesture but can easily make a guest feel very much welcome. If you have the talent, you can create an arrangement. But even picking a few bunches from a florist or a garden and simply putting them in a nice vase can make a fuss-free step to charm your visitors.

Create a Plush Space

Your visitors must be very tired from travelling and nothing can suit them better than to be offered a plush guest bedroom that promotes a great night’s sleep. Elegant and modern beds make the best centrepiece to any room. But you can improve it further by adding the basics–cotton sheets, thick duvet and fluffy pillows!

Use Bedside Lighting

It is definitely a welcome treat for guests to find a bedside lighting. Aside from creating a nice setup for the guest bedroom, it is also perfect for night owls and those who have a habit of reading books or checking their mobile devices until they feel sleepy.

Create a Vanity Area

Whether your guest is a man or a woman, creating a vanity area is a brilliant idea. Add a vanity mirror in one corner of the bedroom where your guests can touch up and check their look before heading out. A nice dresser, ottoman or chair are some of the necessities that will complete the vanity area of your guest bedroom.

Make them Feel at Home

Nothing can make them more comfortable than providing them with a guest bedroom that comes complete with the things that can easily give them a home away from home. Give it a more personal touch and provide basic essentials like bedroom slippers, fresh robe and towels, hygiene kit, and even a good read!

Stock Up

For sure, the gesture of adding a teapot including sachets of coffee and sugar will be very much appreciated. Let your guests help themselves whenever they feel like getting a warm cup of tea or coffee. Keeping healthy snacks within reach will also be a great idea!

Keep the Essentials Within Reach

There are basic essentials that should be kept within reach at all times to ensure a comfortable for your guests. A folding luggage stand will make it easier for them to sort through their things. Hangers and hooks, nightstand, magazines or books, and a clock are just some of the essentials that you should make available to offer greater convenience for your visitors.

You will never have to worry about becoming the best host/hostess for your guests. Whether it will just be an overnight stay or they plan to stay for days, you will never have to go fumbling to transform your room–just follow the above-mentioned tips to transform a guest bedroom and you’re sure to offer a luxury accommodation for your special guest!

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