Castila Bed: A Stylish Addition to Your Bedroom

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Castila beds are long, wide and absolutely stylish. Castila beds usually span throughout the bedroom floor. So, it is preferred that they are used in large rooms. But Castila beds can also be used in medium and small sized rooms provided that there is less furniture in there.

Castila beds can come in different designs. Some castila beds are entirely wooden and have bed stands. Some of them have upholstered headboards and short legs. Some of them have a comparatively modern design – they don’t have any legs and they span almost the entire bedroom.

A castila bed looks extraordinarily beautiful in a large room. In a smaller room, it can work with lesser and smaller furniture. Castila beds look great with rugs or carpets. They also look good with sleek side tables with thin hand grips.

Castila beds also look great with long heavy non-printed drapes. One can place designer buffet lamps and floor lamps on both sides of the bed to give the bedroom a more sophisticated look. A castila bed will look absolutely gorgeous with upholstered and slim furniture.

Castila Beds by Aura

Castila is a gorgeous modern bed by Aura which belongs to its Golden bedroom collection. Castila CastilaB9093beds are quite long and wide and span the bedroom like a majestic bridge. It is very modern in design but has a touch of classic elegance to it.

Size: Castila beds by Aura can both be found in king and queen sizes. The measurements of the queen size beds are width – 251cm, height – 85cm and length – 240cm. The measurements of the queen size beds are width – 221cm, height – 85cm and length – 240cm.

Design: A castila bed by Aura becomes the center of attraction of the bedroom because of its grandness in size and design. The castila bed does not have any leg and has an upholstered bed post. Its base is wooden. The rest is made of high quality polyurethane that feels like leather. The bed also comes with an inlaid mattress. Though the bed is wide and long which makes it grand, its height is comparatively lower which at the same time gives it an inconspicuous and humble quality.

Color: The bed can be availed in black and white. It also has options for customized colors.

Price: The price is fixed and depends on the bed size. Naturally, if you’re buying a king size bed, it will cost you more than what it would have cost you on a queen size one. The website has a calculator that gives you the exact costs.

How to order: Simply contact Aura through their website, place your order and have the bed of your dreams delivered in 4-8 weeks of time.

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