Bedroom Decorating Tips that Match Your Bedroom Personality

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Bedroom Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom Personality

Creating your personal and intimate space is important. Your bedroom is the place where you can recharge and regain your peace after a busy and tiring day. But in creating your sleep sanctuary, do you even consider decorating it based on your bedroom personality?

Without a doubt, no space is more intimate than your bedroom and you can’t decorate it better other than by going for decorating ideas that match your preference, taste and personality.

Whether you are the classical and timeless kind of individual or if you are the type who is always up for an adventure, there are bedroom decorating ideas that you can try to make your bedroom the perfect match that can express who you are–and the good news is: we’ve summed up some of the bedrooms decorating tips to help you redesign according to your bedroom personality!

Bedroom Decorating Tips Based on Your Bedroom Personality

Choose Your Bed

Let’s start with the bed–the star of the room that can easily suit you in terms of comfort and looks. As beds have gone a long way and now offer a range of options that vary from classical to modern bed designs, choosing the style that suits you is the perfect place to start when redesigning your room.

For the classical type of person, there is a huge selection of beds that range from antique-inspired, French provincial, four-poster, and beds with classical wrought iron frames. As for those who have a greater preference for modern designs, choices range from low-lying, hip and more industrial beds that can easily speak about one’s personality.

Find Your Lighting

Nowadays, there is already a wide selection of lighting solutions that offer a creative take on bedroom illumination. These options make it easier to set the right mood in every bedroom while adding a special touch that easily improves bedroom aesthetics.

The less adventurous people usually opt for symmetrical pieces, like having two lampshades on identical side tables placed on the sides of the bed.

However, for the more adventurous who usually think outside the box, bold and stylish lighting solutions are always welcome. Pendant lights with colourful strings, floor lamps and wall sconces are the alternatives to traditional bedroom lighting.

Use Your Colour

Undoubtedly, the colour palette that you will choose for your bedroom will easily reflect your personality, so you have to be very careful in the use of colours, not only to organise your space but to also harness the right energy and vibe that match you.

Neutral and earth tones are usually preferred by those who often want to play safe when designing their rooms. On the other hand, those who are well-organised and has a greater preference for classic designs, crisp blue hues are the common choices. Bright and vivid colours are the ones that usually highlight the bedrooms of the artistic individuals and those with cheerful and loud personalities.

Pick the Right Linen

Linens are the things that frequently require replacement to maintain a clean and comfortable bedroom. Aside from the sheets, linens also include pillow cases, duvet covers, throws, curtains and even area rugs.

You will also notice that your choice in linens easily affects the overall look of your space. So in choosing linen, it is important to consider the design of the room and of course your personal preferences to achieve results that match your expectations.

Those with modern tastes would definitely love adding a shot of colour to the linens that they use and would even enjoy a play of colours by mixing and matching the linens they use. On the other hand, the more conservative individuals will stick to simple patterns and textures that allow them to play safe even when there is a need to replace the linens they use frequently.


A bedroom becomes more functional the more you add furnishings that suit your lifestyle and needs. You should furnish your bedroom with all the necessities–and you can assess your needs based on your day-to-day activities.

Are you the type who can’t leave the room without getting a glance of yourself in the mirror? Can’t go out without applying a makeup? Find a dresser that matches other bedroom furniture. A good lighting will also be essential.

Do you often read a book before going to bed? Find a bedhead that is properly cushioned to provide support, convenience and comfort on days when you’ll decide to stay up late because of a good read. Of course, you can’t afford to miss the functionality of a bedside lamp.

For sure, you want your bedroom to reflect your taste and personality–and you can do that by implementing the right bedroom decorating ideas.

Remember that changing the look of your bedroom is actually decorating to please yourself and create your sanctuary. Do it right by knowing what you want and the perfect options that will give you results, exactly the way you want it done!

Express who you are and showcase a bedroom where you will find rest and calm. Need more inspirations, visit our blog to find more tips and information that will help you.


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