2017’s Bedroom Design Trends

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2017's Bedroom Design Trends some bedroom styling tips that you need to know

Everyone wants to have a refreshing place to sleep in and if you think that your only choice is to seek the services of an interior design expert, you’re in for a surprise.

While a lot of people turn to experts for the best interior design ideas to be realised, there are bedroom styling tips that you can follow to turn an ordinary bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Now that 2017 has just started, it’s not yet late to learn new bedroom design trends that will add luxury and comfort to your space.

2017’s Trendiest Bedroom Designs

The Return of the Retro

This year, you will notice the return of velvet as a preferred textile to create soft and stylish furniture including beds. Indulge in warm and bright colours that offer romantic and charming effects to any bedroom. Expect fabric beds and wooden beds to come into the scene.

Creative Approach to Small Spaces

With the rise of small urban apartments, contemporary bedrooms take on a new and more creative approach to designing spaces. The use of versatile and functional bedroom furniture like sofa beds would be a good option especially in bedrooms with limited space.

Harmonic Colours are in

White, black and red are the colours that will be used in contemporary bedroom furniture and are sure to dominate this year’s bedrooms. Turquoise will also be in the scene. This shade induces calmness which makes it the best option for your sleep sanctuary.

Styling Tips to Complement 2017’s Bedroom Designs

  • Use attractive furniture & decors. The right blend of materials and bedroom decors has a huge impact on the overall look of your bedroom. Take advantage of beautiful pieces like painting and bedroom lighting that can add a unique flavour to your space.
  • Observe consistency. Create an organised look by using a certain pattern for the other items you have in your bedroom. This will help you achieve a bedroom design that is clean and refreshing.
  • Go for practicality. Your bedroom’s aesthetics matter but practicality also counts, especially in small bedrooms. Choose versatile bedroom furniture that can serve a range of purposes while adding to the luxurious look of your room.
  • Add a natural touch. The colour palette that you’ll choose for your bedroom, as well as the lighting and other bedroom decors, will have an impact on your bedroom’s overall vibe. For best results, give greater preference to the ones that can add a natural touch and make your space more relaxing and refreshing.
  • Make room for DIY decors. Personal touch never fails to make things more special. Put your DIY skills to work by setting a romantic mood or creating a fun vibe depending on the atmosphere that you want to achieve for your bedroom.

This year, you can transform your bedroom and make it your sleep sanctuary by following the latest bedroom design trends and taking advantage of the bedroom furniture and ideas that are sure to bring the best improvements into your space.

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